About Us

Formerly Ink Mill Corporation, acquired by Avery Dennison in 2017, Avery Dennison Digital Ink Solutions has an experienced team of product development engineers ready to meet your technical needs. The inkjet industry is expanding into new applications, and new ink technologies are constantly being introduced. To stay ahead of your competitors, partner with a team that has a proven ability to release new technologies and award winning ink products. We offer the latest technology and best-in-class ink solutions for the digital print market. Our experienced development staff also specializes in custom ink formulations for graphics and industrial applications. We have successfully formulated inks in the flooring, gift card, furniture, building materials, food packaging, playgrounds, and medical device fields. All of our products are proudly manufactured in the USA.


Custom Ink for Your Industry

Custom OEM Inkjet Inks
Our highly experienced development team is the perfect partner for any printer manufacturer looking for a custom inkjet ink to overcome an issue or for a new printer platform.

Custom Industrial Inkjet Inks
Our highly experienced development team is the perfect partner for any company looking to use inkjet technology in their industrial processes.

Custom Ink Capabilities

Color Matching
Precision color matching to create consistent and high-quality inks to suit your needs.

Custom Ink Formulations
We can create a custom ink to work in your printer and with your substrates.

Novel Inks
Just because it doesn't exist doesn't mean it shouldn't. Tell us your perfect ink and we'll work with you to make it a reality.

Alternative Technology Inks
Whether working with standard industrial technology or alternative, let us help you make you the perfect ink.